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1,825 days

she’s played my dreams exactly twice since things went permanent

the alarm keeps squawking in the den sayin’ 12:22 in the morning

I shake the thing, but in five years it’s never solved


let’s pretend you're up there dancing in your space suit

throwing fire at the moats around the craters

longing for longhaired men on the covers of your long gone humming


why’d you get so tired of your father's newspapers?


your desk days kept you and your lover in medicine bottles

and I got the long blue socks fourteen inches from the bottom of my cheerleading skirt you wished I’d never worn


we both made a wish that year


in tonight’s memorial

I'll be a good girl

hold my nose till I run past your yellow chair 

singin’ songs about television rainbows and gettin’ you a fresh pack from the cabinet by the avocado fridge


anything to make you look up

March 8, 2020

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